• “Your 16" Rock Reamer with the remanufactured cutters went over 1500 ft. and came out looking for more. Unbelievable!”

    Thanks, Joe

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60-inch fly cutter

T&T Carbide specializes in the manufacturing of custom built HDD hole-openers and fly cutters.

"We build 'em like you want 'em."

T&T’s growth throughout the years is indicative of its strength, stability, and integrity on which customers have been able to depend upon for 30 years.

In 1976 we began in a backyard shed when our only objective was to extract carbide from scrap used bits. We were throwing away good bits for some time before we realized we could refurbish the good bits and save well drillers hundreds of dollars with reruns.


We supply high quality TCI and steel tooth rock bits. We stock new, surplus, rerun in oilfield and well water quality in sizes 3 to 36".


We provide service to the oil, gas, geo-thermal, water well, construction, horizontal directional drilling and mining industries.


We custom build hole openers, rock reamers, and fly cutters to your specifications in sizes 6 to 60".


With our 30 + years in business, we can advise you on the right tool for the job. Our tools are built to perform and we stand behind them 100%.


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